Pandan Layer Cake

Pandan Layer Cake
(Recipe source: pandan jelly recipe adapted from Angie Ng, sponge cake recipe adapted from Felvinc, decoration idea from Wendy)

For the Sponge cake
250g sponge cake mix
4 eggs (large)
50g water
80g melted butter + 1tsp vanilla extract

1. Beat sponge cake mix with eggs till well combine.
2. Increase to high speed, slowly add in water and beat for 10mins.
3. Reduce speed to medium and beat for 1min.
4. Reduce speed to low and beat for 3mins.
5. Slowly add in melted butter and vanilla extract. Pour into 8” round cake tin.
6. Bake at pre-heated oven at 170C for 45mins.
7. Cool the cake on a wire rack. Slice into 3 equal pieces. Also trim off 1cm from the side.

For Pandan jelly layer
600ml coconut milk ( half grated coconut + water)
500ml pandan water ( 10pcs pandan leaves + water)
120g sugar
1/2tsp salt
85g Hoen kwe flour ( Indonesia green pea flour)
10g agar-agar powder ( I use Pearl Mermaid brand)

1. Mix Hoen Kwe flour and jelly powder together, slowly add in pandan water and mix well.
2. Add in coconut milk, sugar and salt, combine well.
3. Cook the mixture with low heat until cook or until the mixture start to have some bubbles and slightly turned thick.
4. Divide pandan jelly into 3 equal portions

To assemble pandan layer cake
1. Wet one 8” round cake tin (removable bottom) with water, do not wipe it dry as to easy remove cake later.
2. Pour in 1st portion of pandan jelly (pour half first ) and place a piece of sponge cake on top (pour the balance). Repeat the rest of jelly and cake.
3. Once completed, store cake in the fridge for several hours or overnight. Inverted the cake (bottom become top) and decorate as desired.

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